Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Favorites [1]

This post was started by Satins Bookish Corner. This meme is to tell you about my favorite book characters each week! Anyone who wants to join in can leave a link on their page and they will add you to the list each week so every can hop on over and check out your Friday Favorite. :) You can also check out Vanes Mate The Bookaholic

So my favorite character this week is:


Since the movie will be out in a few months I will start with Peeta! :) He is just such a wonderful friend and loyal person. As much as he and Katniss go through, he is constantly there for her and trying to save her. Even when Katniss hurts him, he still does anything he can to save her. Brave, courageous, loyal, compassionate--AMAZING!!


  1. Yes!!! I love Peeta! Cant wait for the movie:)) thanks for stopping by!

  2. oh i love this book series. and i love him. thanks for stopping. if you are going to do this ever week drop me a line and ill add you to my post every week so my followers know to stop by.