Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner Review

Now this is my first review for my new blog, so bear with me please! :)

Certain Girls is book #2 of the Cannie Shapiro books. Book #1 is called Good in Bed.
I read the large print edition, 491 pages.
Rating: 2.5 (Possibly 3, still on the fence) stars/5

Description from Goodreads:
Readers fell in love with Cannie Shapiro, the smart, sharp-tongued, bighearted heroine of Good in Bed who found her happy ending after her mother came out of the closet, her father fell out of her life, and her ex-boyfriend started chronicling their ex-sex life in the pages of a national magazine.

Now Cannie's back. After her debut novel -- a fictionalized (and highly sexualized) version of her life -- became an overnight bestseller, she dropped out of the public eye and turned to writing science fiction under a pseudonym. She's happily married to the tall, charming diet doctor Peter Krushelevansky and has settled into a life that she finds wonderfully predictable -- knitting in the front row of her daughter Joy's drama rehearsals, volunteering at the library, and taking over-forty yoga classes with her best friend Samantha.

As preparations for Joy's bat mitzvah begin, everything seems right in Cannie's world. Then Joy discovers the novel Cannie wrote years before and suddenly finds herself faced with what she thinks is the truth about her own conception -- the story her mother hid from her all her life. When Peter surprises his wife by saying he wants to have a baby, the family is forced to reconsider its history, its future, and what it means to be truly happy.

I really enjoyed Good in Bed (book #1) and didn't even know there was a 2nd book until recently. I figured the first one was great, why not read the second one. Meh..I don't think I should have cared so much about reading it.

The book was just slow for me. It was okay, but it didn't make me want to read non-stop. And once I put it down, it stayed down for quite awhile. The main characters, Cannie and her daughter, Joy, both annoyed me throughout most of the book. There were good parts but for me there were few and far between. It wasn't til about the last 200 pages or so that it got a little better. There were some surprises towards the end but I didn't like it much. It gives some warm and touching moments that help the book along, but truly they didn't help enough.

So I guess if you've read the first book, you can give this one a try just to see how it all turns out. But I wouldn't put a rush on it. I'd read it only if you have nothing else to read. Because I have many other books I want to read and at times I was wishing I was reading one of them instead.

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